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Roulette is widely known as the "King of Casino Games", this, in no small part, has a lot to do with the decadence of the infamous Monte Carlo Casinos with which most people associate the game. But beyond the star studded, glitz and glamor that has come to define the game of roulette other earlier myths circulate about the game. One of the most compelling is the story of how the creator of roulette sold his soul to Satan in return for the secrets of roulette. This story no-doubt has something to do with the eerie fact that adding up all the numbers on a roulette table leaves you with the number 666. Regardless of whether roulette is indeed the brain child of the dark lord himself it is more popular now than it ever has been before, and with the inception of online roulette it is looking like the game of roulette is here for good.

Directly translated from French the word Roulette means 'little wheel'. Roulette is said to have originated in France in the seventeenth century. 1758 is actually the date often referenced for the first recorded appearance of the term. 1759 is the date of publication of a document from French Quebec that goes into Roulette's illegal status in the French Canadian province. After this, in 1796, Roulette is mentioned again in a novel by Jaques Lablee titled 'La Roulette, ou le Jour'. The novel contains a passage in which the roulette table at the Palais Royal in Paris is described.

Half a century later in 1843 brothers Francois and Louis Blanc developed the single 0 roulette game. Different version of the game also feature the numbers 1-28, that use bother the single and double zeros and that feature various symbols such as that of the American eagle.

By the nineteenth century roulette has started its colonization of the globe, spreading throughout both Europe and the United States.

Roulettes fortunes were due to take a turn by the end of the nineteenth century. 1860 saw the last county in Europe to outlaw gambling, Germany, also making gambling illegal. This decision, conversely, led to Monte Carlo developing its reputation as a European gambling center. After the blanket ban, the principality of Monaco was the only place left in Europe where gambling, and by extension roulette, was still legal. Monte Carlo's reputation as a center for gambling, a place where the wealthy of Europe and America would convene to participate in high stakes gambling. Monte Carlo is also the place that helped establish the single zero roulette wheel, helping that variation of the game to gain a foothold among the gambling community as the United States still used, and indeed still uses the older double zero wheel to this day.

It was America, though, that the game of roulette began to take on the shape we recognise so well today. Riddled as it was with cheating, American roulette made certain key alterations to the game. Firstly the roulette wheel was placed on the table for all to see and secondly the table itself was simplified. The American game of roulette was typified by faster action and a more simple layout. This more lively version changed roulette from a pursuit of the rich and famous, to the game we all know and love so well today.


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