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So you've picked up your game of choice, mastered the basics, had some fun at your online gambling website of choice with play money and are now ready to take that next all important step, moving on to real money gambling. To keep it simple, your bankroll is the money that you have available to you for gambling purposes. We recommend that in order to make things easier on yourselves, you settle at an amount that you will not need for anything else, money that you have earmarked for recreational purposes and when you have found the Online Casino or card room you wish to play at, deposit the entire amount in your account. From this point onwards you will know that this and only this money is to be used by you for gambling. Your goal here should be to keep going for as long as is possible without having to deposit new funds into that online gambling account. In fact, your real goal should be to get to the stage where you can make that money grow by winning and slowly being able to skim your profits of the top, while always keeping the initial amount you settled on as you bankroll. By learning to look after your bank roll and using sound strategies to keep it working for you, you are arming yourself against the inevitable house advantage. With this most basic tool, and all the other strategies we have for your perusal here, you will be able to build upon your gambling proficiency and ensure your time spent gambling online is as fun and profitable as possible. Contrary to popular belief, gambling success is not just a matter of luck, but rather a convergence of probability, a professional gambler's only concern is controlling all the different odds he/she can over time, so as to maximize the statistical likelihood of winning. The first step towards this is the correct management of your bankroll.

How much can you afford?

The first consideration should obviously always be how much money you can spare for your online gambling recreation time. Your best bet is to never factor in your possible winning into this amount. You must set aside an amount that you will not really mind loosing, rather than money that is needed elsewhere in your finances. This initial amount will be what will get you started, and you will hopefully be able to make it stretch for at least your first few gambling sessions.

Assigning portions of your bank roll.

If you have settled on an amount you can live without, you now need to ensure that you divide this amount into the amount of days you wish to gamble with it. If this happens to be a weekend in Vegas, then you split it in half. For online gambling this can be slightly trickier, especially since the temptation is always there. If you can hold yourself back to, say , once a week for four weeks, then divide your bankroll into four and make certain you don't exceed your allotted amount per session. This good gambling practices may seem silly at first however they will over time ensure that you are a focuses and disciplined gambler with rigid limits.

Split your takings.

Should you find yourself in the fortunate position of actually making money back from your gambling sessions, then our advice is before the session set a realistic goal for what you'd be comfortable taking away with you. Once you reach this amount, split it in half and continue gambling with half of it. The other half stash safely with your bankroll to ensure that no matter what happens from this point onwards, you're going home a winner.

Quit while you're ahead.

We've said it to you time and time before in other sections of this site. There is a fine balance between winning and loosing, finer than you think. Good streaks come and go, as do losing streaks. Once your loosing streak starts to go sour, we advise you to quit. Don't enter a losing streak with the idea that you'll double up by taking progressively riskier wagers. This hardly ever works, and in the long run you end up losing more than you win.


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