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Whether wanting to play kalooki rummy round a traditional table, or online, we provide you with these tutorials so that you will be able to differentiate from all the most common rummy variations. kalooki rummy (sometimes spelled kaluki rummy) is one of the most popular rummy variations in play today, especially in the United Kingdom. It is pretty similar to gin rummy with the exception of some changes here and there. First off, kalooki Rummy is played with 2 decks of cards, and also two jokers, the jokers are considered wild cards and may be used to stand in for any other card. Much like gin rummy the game supports up to four players but there is no knocking-off phase in kalooki, players must get rid of their cards in order to win. When the first player does this the scores are tallied up and a new hand begins. The end of the game is reached when a specific amount of hands have been played, or when a certain predetermined score is reached.

At the start of the game each player must draw a card. The player with the highest value card is to be the dealer in the game that follows. Each player receives a total of ten cards after the deck has been shuffled and then cut, after the cards are dealt a single card is placed facing upwards on the table, this is to be the discard pile and the rest of the deck is placed face down on the table, this is to be the draw pile. Players then take turns, starting left of the dealer they must each draw one card, then attempt to meld if they wish and create sets or runs, at the end of each turn every player must discard one card in the discard pile. When the first player runs out of cards the scores are counted and a new hand begins. Also players are not allowed to draw a card from the discard pile and then discard it at the end of their turn. If the discard pile dwindles to only two cards then the hand must immediately come to an end, with no winner.

Cards are scored as follows: 2-10 = Worth the number they depict, Face Cards = 10 Points, Aces = 1 Point Bonus. Also when a player goes kalooki all other players must receive a penalty of 25 points, lowest points wins in kalooki

Terms you are likely to encounter in kalooki rummy:

  • Building: Players are allowed to build on each others Melds, i.e the ones that are already on the table, buy players are only allowed to build if they have first placed their own meld on the table.
  • Going Kalooki: This is when a player manages to go out in a single play, getting rid of all their cards by melding, building and discarding their final card.
  • Going Out: This occurs when a player gets rid of all their cards by Melding, Building and discarding his last card on the discard pile. Going out wins the round.
  • Meld: A set or run that is placed on the table by a player.
  • Run: When you put down 4 or more cards of the same suit in sequence. In kalooki rummy aces are considered a high card.
  • Set: This is when you put down 3 or more of the same rank cards.


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