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An introduction to slot strategy

Slot strategy is kind of a contradiction in terms, slot machines being among the least skillful of gambling games, online or otherwise. However there are a few simple things to keep in mind that may help to give you a certain advantage, no matter how minute. First of all it is obvious that slots will only pay out a certain percentage of the money they take it, this works in much the same way in online slots as it does in the real world. In the real world opportunist slot gamblers tend to observe other players at the slot machines, seeing who is going all out, spending a lot of time and money on a particular slot machine in an attempt to beat it. When this person finally gives up and moves on they will then try their luck, reasoning that the odds are far better for a win after lots of cash has been lost to the machine rather than before. Depending on the machine and the players before, this can be quite an effective way of gaining a statistical advantage over the machine, no-matter how slight. Of course in the case of online slots you don't have this same luxury. However what you do have on many online slot games is a coins in and coins out display. Picking the most favorable in to out ratio can play a small role to increase the chances of a win.

Another thing to bear in mind is that online casinos want you to keep playing. The more people keep playing, the more money they are raking in. To keep people playing they have to give them the thrill of winning. No-one's going to hang around if in all the thousands of times they've played they have never won anything, and they don't even know anyone who has ever won anything, especially considering that the thrill of pulling the lever and pressing the brightly colored buttons doesn't exactly translate over to the online game very well, no matter how colorful and musical your choice of online slot machine might be. As a result if you stick to it you will logically see a return, eventually (although adding up all you have spent on the machine before your win clearly reveals that, overall, you are the looser, not the machine). This is where the promotional bonuses come into play. You will all be aware of the bonuses online casinos offer to get you to play with them and then to stay playing with them. These bonuses are the perfect way to get the wheels spinning for free, so use them up at the right times and supplement free spins with your own cash if you really feel you have a chance at cracking it. Bonuses are always on offer and should not be sniffed at, go from place to place and make the most of any bonuses you can get your hands on. If little else it will help you get acquainted wit a variety of online casinos and this is never a bad thing as you have a better chance of stumbling across one that suits you. Also new games, it makes sense to be aware of what is going on in the online gambling industry, to this end you will find sites like free-casino-bonuses.com that are designed to give you up to the minute information on all things online gambling. New games are almost always announced by the casinos in advance of their being released. These new games usually offer some bonuses to get people into them and its good to take advantage of these bonuses. Plus when a new slot game is released you're likely to find a lot of cash going into it, making the jackpot swell, as well as your chances of bagging it if you're in the right place at the right time.

The final strategy is completely unscientific but you would be astonished by how many people claim they just had a good feeling about a certain slot machine that turned out to have a small fortune inside waiting for them. Of course it's utterly absurd to suggest you constantly monitor your good feelings towards slot machines, but being aware of a great number of online casinos, being members there and being able to choose browse through a selection of an evening when you feel up for a little gambling action, this can only help give your psychic sensors a work out and a greater selection to work from.


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