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Our Guide to Disputing an Online Casino’s actions and Keeping Track of Your Game.

With more and more reports of online casinos failing to pay out, or other general complaints by players coming to the fore, it is wise to familiarise yourself with what steps you can take should a problem arise while you are enjoying your online gaming.

Obviously your first port of call should ALWAYS be the terms and conditions of the site you are playing on. These do vary substantially from online casino to online casino so make sure you are completely aware of their rules before starting to play, and indeed before you log a dispute with the administrative staff. We will be uploading lists of these terms and conditions to this website for your own use, but you can also find them on each and every online casino website.

The second most important thing to bear in mind is keeping track of your games. Keep a detailed list of your online gambling endeavours, it needn’t be too time consuming and can be very valuable to you, both when making a dispute against an online casino and also as away to track your own progress and expenditures while gambling online. We think such a list should be at the top of your priorities as an online gamer, keep track of the games you play, when you play them, the money involved and the outcomes. As mentioned this will become incredibly useful to you should you need to make a dispute, but will also come in handy as you begin to review your own progress as an online gamer.

When making a dispute it is best to attack from all angles. Send email, fax and log your complaint with the staff on the other end of the online chat system. This ensures that your complaints are given the attention they deserve and don’t get caught up in the system, or while a member of staff is about to finish their shift. Logging your complaint from all possible angles, and supplementing with telephone calls should no adequate response be given is paramount. If you have your facts straight regarding the online casinos terms and conditions, and have kept an accurate record of what happened for you to be making the complaint, you’ll find most casinos very amiable and willing to resolve your problem.

Should you find yourself in a position where no adequate response has been provided to you, or you find the response to be unsatisfactory then your next recourse is to bring the matter up to the relevant gaming adjudicator. If the site you have been gambling on bears the eCOGRA logo then this is the body you should resort to (http://www.ecogra.org/), eCOGRA is there specifically to make your online gambling experience a safe and fair one so prefer sites that bear the logo. If you problem is with an online casino not bearing the eCOGRA logo then your best bet will be to track down where the casino is licensed and make a complaint with the adjudicator responsible for that location. As you probably already know there are a multitude of online casinos registered and operating from places all over the globe. If you do your research and make your complaint in an orderly and thoroughly researched way, with complete information about what went one, when, how much money was involved, what the terms and conditions say, then you will receive a response as soon as the relevant adjudicator has had the chance to refer to the casino in question and get their side of events. As will all things nowadays online gambling is becoming increasingly regulated so if you are truly in the right, and have your facts straight, you should see that your complaint will be taken seriously and resolved. Try to avoid trashing sites in online forums, this is unlikely to help your case, or help you should you have disputes to file in future. As with everything, your best bet is to be polite, but persistent. Have a safe, entertaining and hopefully profitable gaming experience.


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