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In the classic and newer versions of online slot machines offered by online casinos, as far as wagering you players have a number of different options they ought to be aware of. These we will term the "selection of betting options."

Almost all contemporary slot machines will initially require that you choose the amount of coins you will be playing with and also the numbers of pay lines you will be working with. These options obviously vary from game to game and from software provider to software provider.

Slot machines have relatively fixed gambling options but they do change from game to game. These options generally differ from the group behind a casino and so you may encounter the same types of options offered by a number of casinos that belong to the same group If you would like to understand and compare these options before you commit yourself to any one then it is best that you read the information directly from each casino software provider.

Coin Selection:

Vegas Technology has a wide range of options offered on its slots. Vegas Technology is an online gambling software provider which as part of its games offers the number of coins which can be wagered on each pay line.Vegas Technology slot games also feature a total of 7 different coin denominations thus increasing your wagering options. These range from 0.01 (dollar, euro or pound) through 0.05, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 5.00, all the way up to 10.00 for the high rollers. The newest Vegas Technology games offer up to 25 different pay lines which make the game radically more complex than classic single line one armed bandit slots. These 25 lines of play mean that if we take 10.00 as the largest single wager, in total an uppermost wager of 250.00 may be made across all these 25 lines.

Rival is another major online gaming software provider that offers a choice of 25 different slot games, which also each feature all the standard wagering options we have come to expect from this next generation of online slots. The coin denomination on Rival Gaming slot machines ranges between, 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, up to 0.25. Rival Gaming is different in that while their maximum denomination doesn't go up quite as high as those offered by Vegas Technology, they do however enable players to wager up to 10 coins per pay line. This bumps up the amount of the maximum wager, as does the fact that Rival gaming slots now offer up to 30 different pay lines.

Real Time Gaming (RTG)on the other hand offer 15 different coin denominations and a total of 25 pay lines. Since the maximum wager per pay line works out to 5.00 this makes the total upper limit of wager per round at 125.00, which is only half that offered by Vegas Technology.

Betting Structures:

These structures obviously vary depending on what particular slot machine you are playing on.

High Rollers 'tend to wager along the maximum upper limit offered by the slot machine, in such a case the maximum amount that can be wagered as offered by an online casino is a determining factor in their choice of where to play. In the above examples Vegas Technology online casinos are their best bet.

Low Rollers, players without a big bankroll make their choices based on how flexible the different wagering options can be. In other words a wider degree of denomination options are best for these types of players and so in the above examples Real Time Gaming slots would probably be their best option.

Regardless of where you choose to play the strategies are essentially the same, and should be utilized across the board. Make sure to engage all available pay lines. Watch your bankroll in doing this, in other words spread your wagers across pay lines and reduce the denomination if you are not a high roller.

In addition to this make sure you read out comprehensive list of casino articles and guidelines here at free-casino-bonuses, these we feel will best prepare you from getting out there and having some fun with online slots.


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