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Most people think that slot machines are still as simple as the old fashioned one armed bandits where you dropped in your coin, pulled the lever and that was it, you either won or you didn't. That does not exactly hold true today and there are slight advantages to be had by being aware of certain issues.

The rules of the game itself are quite simple but there are a few different varieties slot machines, also in the online game the variety is far far greater so we advise that you are fully aware of the rules before you try out your luck.

Once you have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the rules of the game that you wish to play there are a few subtle strategies that can be employed to gently modify your odds and improving your ratio of wins to losses.

What you need to do is pick the game you want to play, spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the rules and instructions. The next step involves how much money you are prepared to risk in any given session and how many pay lines you are going to make active. In online slots this is done by clicking on either the plus or the minus button which changes the money you wager and the numbers of pay lines respectively. Next you activate the level as see what the outcome is. Make sure you are aware of the different denominations available because we normally advise players to wager as little as possible in each round in order to be able to play for longer. When you are done in any particular session be sure to cash out by clicking the relevant button. In the online game you can instantly have your winnings transferred to your player's account.

Be Aware: The greater the number of pay lines activated, the greater the possibility of winning, but also the greater the chance of losing big.

Rollers, symbols, pay lines:

The most relevant part of any slot game is the roller. These are the wheels on which the symbols are displayed. These are the wheels that spin when you start to play and their outcome determines whether you have won or lost.

The symbols vary from machine to machine and game to game and are usually found to follow the theme of the slot game in question. What they display is not as important as how you line them up obviously. The best known symbols are the classic one-armed bandit ones with fruits, playing cards, the number 7 and the Bar logo.

A pay line is the line that you read across the rollers. Modern slot machines that don't just feature one line of three symbols can be read diagonally and vertically as well as horizontally.

Slot varieties: Classic gaming machines, fruit slots & video slots

The two broad categories in the world of slot machines are the classic slots machines and the video slots games.

The classic slots you find in Online Casinos, are also sometimes called reel slots and are usually found featuring a three dimensional look designed to resemble to classic slot machines of old. These have the fewest ay lines and are the easiest to play.
Video Slots are the newer variety with multiple pay lines and reels and are usually designed in novel ways that do not even resemble what you would think of as a classic slot machine.
Fruit machines are the British take on the slot and usually have three rolls. These also feature a hold and a nudge button and often feature bonus rounds that players can take part in.

Tip:Never forget that the house always wins eventually, so make sure you don't walk away broke, and make sure that if you are fortunate enough to experience a jackpot win, you don't then go on to feed it all back to the machine.


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