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Roulette is the most eye-catching, the highest profile and the most evocative game of chance in the world. It has a true gambling pedigree, having been around for centuries now and traditionally being associated with royalty and aristocracy. Today roulette is the centerpiece of every single casino in the world, whether they are located in the real world or in cyberspace.

The rules couldn't be simpler, simply place a wager on a number or combination of numbers on the table before the wheel is spun and see how you fare. Odds on the different part of the table vary from 1:1 to 37:1. The following is a list of possible wagers you can make on the roulette table and what they are called.

  • Rouge or Noir
    This is quite simply red or black, all the numbers on the roulette wheel except zero are colored either res or black, so simply place your wager on this area of the table for a 50:50 wager.
  • Pair or Odd
    Another simple 50:50 wager that involves even and odd numbers instead of red and black, again the odds are 50:50
  • Manque or yoke
    You can wager on entire lines of numbers, wagering between numbers 1-18 is known as manque, and from 19-36 as yoke
  • Plein
    This is the most difficult and the highest potential yielding wager, it is placing a wager on a single whole number and gives you odds of 37:1
  • Carré
    This is a wager in which you cover four whole numbers on the table. Your odds in such a situation will be 37:4
  • Cheval
    This is the second highest yielding potential bet and involves placing a wager on two numbers which gives you 37:2 on the odds front.
  • Dozen
    This is an almost 3:1 wager in which a player wagers on 12 numbers on the table. Here you will get odds of 12:37. You can place this wager on the first dozen (1-12), on the middle dozen (13-24) or on the last dozen (25-36)
  • Columns
    You can also alternatively wager on each column of numbers that also means three options of a dozen numbers with odds of 37:12.
  • Simple Transversal
    The simple transversal wager involves wagering on six adjacent numbers on the table. The odds for this type of wager are 37:6
  • Street Bet
    This is a wager in which you wager on three adjacent numbers if you win you get back eleven times what you wagered and the odds are 37:3

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