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The holy grail of gambling has always been to construct a wagering system that would enable players to take advantage of a game's odds and consistently walk away as a winner. In this article we will look a little closer at some of these strategies.

  • The Martingale System
    Also known as the gambler's fallacy, chasing your losses, or here at free-casino-bonuses as bankroll suicide, the martingale system is founded on the preposterous assumption that if you double your wager every time you lose, when you do eventually win you will win back everything you previously lost and some. What it doesn't take into account is that you may loose a lot more than you hope for, and that by exponentially increasing your wager you are fast getting into territory where even a win will not be able to cover what you have lost. To say nothing of the fact that in order to keep up the martingale system, especially in a game with difficult odds, then you really need to have a hell of a bankroll behind you. We seriously advise our members to steer clear of this one, all of our tips and tricks advice sections, for any gambling game feature some kernel of anti-martingale wisdom.
  • The Labourchere system
    Also known and the cancellation system the Labourchere system originated to a minister in Victorian England who developed this strategy and employed it to some gain. But there is no reason to suggest that his wins were statistically significant, i.e. that he was not winning just because of luck. The Labourchere strategy involves selecting a series of numbers that begin with 1 and are followed by anything after that. By adding all the numbers together you get your target profit, then by taking the last and first numbers and adding them together you get the amount you will wager on each round, if you win you remove these numbers from the series, if you win you add the number you got by taking the first and last to the end of the series and continue. As far as we are concerned this is pure hokum, not as bad perhaps as the martingale system but every bit as useless. Avoid.
  • Oscar Grind System
    Originally developed by a 50's craps player, it was shared with the general public in a 1965 casino gambling book by Allan Wilson. What interested Wilson about this strategy were not the huge winnings that Oscar was amassing but the fact that the strategy seemed to consistently yield small but certain returns. Best suited to the even money types of bets you get on a roulette table and is based on sequences that aim to bring about a single win. It is similar to the martingale system but not as reckless. The way it works is you choose a unit you will be wagering with, if you loose you carry on wagering with this same unit until you win, if you win you double it, if you loose after doubling it you continue with this double unit until you win again and then double it again. As far as we are concerned it is just a slower way of loosing your money than the martingale system.
  • The D'Alembert System
    Developed by the French mathematician Jean Le Rond D'Alembert in the 18th century, he D'Alembert wagering system is inspired by the laws of equilibrium and simply states that you increase your wager every time you loose and decrease it every time you win. Again we present it here just as a brief history lesson, it goes without saying that using any of these strategies seriously will help you no more than going to a fortune teller.
  • The Fibonacci Sequence
    Based on the Fibonacci sequence, which goes: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc.. each subsequent number being the sum of the two that preceded it. Again similar to the martingale system but not as quick to leave you broke it consists of incrementally increasing your wagers as you lose according to the sequence and will eventually leave you with nothing to wager, but perhaps not as quickly as some of the other systems.
  • The Fitzroy System
    The Fitzroy system is derived from the Martingale system, and is one of its most popular variations. Basically it is identical to the Martingale system except that the wagers are not doubled but increased by one unit per loss and lowered per win. Again as far as we are concerned anything as rigid as a wagering strategy is bound to be effective some of the time, as statistically significant as some of the time as random chance.
  • The Paroli System
    The paroli system is basically the inverse of the Martingale, with wagers increased after a win and reduced after a loss. Other than that we would not recommend it any more than any of these other strategies, except in that wins come less frequently so if you are indeed hell-bent on adopting a wagering strategy then you may as well use one that causes you to lose at a slower rate. We only present these strategies here so that you are aware of them, and in part to debunk them just in case you hear of them from another source and then seriously consider employing them.

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