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Even though roulette is purely a game of chance, it does not mean that there are a few things the discerning roulette player should keep in mind. In the article that follows we will be familiarizing you with these things. Of course they do not amount to a surefire way to make it big in roulette but they will subtly alter your odds and hopefully your experience of playing.

First up learn the distinction between American and European versions of the roulette game. European Roulettefavors the player slightly better than American do to a reduced house edge, so keep this in mind when the option between these two varieties is there.

The reason for this slight discrepancy in odds is the single zero in European roulette versus the double zero of American Roulette.

Next up we would recommend that you don't take it too seriously. Getting worked up about the outcome of a game of roulette, or even worse going to the table with expectations that you are hell-bent on seeing met is a way to spoil your experience completely. Remember that the odds are stacked against you, that the house always wins, and that you are playing in order to have fun and to see what your luck has in store for you.

Next, if you regularly read our articles you might be getting sick of hearing this however we will repeat it again and again until everybody begins to pay attention. Set your limits before you get to the table and make sure you stick to them. You should be well aware, way before the first spin if the wheel, how much you will be wagering during the session and you should be able to be disciplined enough to just walk away when this limit has been reached. This is so important. Living to play another day, in other words not bankrupting yourself and your family in a single roulette outing may seem simple enough but we continue to hear all kinds of horror stories.

Connected to this is the little heeded piece of advice that states you should never chase your losses. When things are not going your way, regardless of what you have heard, you should not increase your bets in order to hopefully make up what you have already lost. This is a very bad idea so take it from us it is best avoided.

Another little hint that some players seem to find overly conservative but that we have found works very well in the long run. Do not use all of your winnings to gamble with on subsequent rounds. We know you just got lucky, we know you haven't yet dented your bankroll, but why risk losing everything you have gained and then being forced to dip into the cash you came with? For this reason we advise you to put something away when you find yourself playing with more than you came with and continue to do so in each round that you make a win. Prudent wagering strategies such as this not only enable you to stay in the game for longer, but also mean that you may get to go home with some extra cash.

Keep you wits about you, stay disciplined and you will increase your chances of doing better than everybody else at the table. And remember to have fun!


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