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Most players regard roulette as a type of miniature lottery so they do not really look into the odds of the game. This obscures the fact that even though roulette is a game of chance, out of all casino games it has the highest profit margin for the casino. One of the reasons for this is precisely the fact that most players do not sufficiently study the odd of the roulette wheel.

It should be noted here that most bricks and mortar casinos today employ the French roulette table, which as we have already explained has only a single zero, in contrast to the double zero found on the American roulette table. Some casinos use both although the single zero version has more favorable odds for the player. The single zero version actually halves the houses edge to just 2.36%. Regardless of this many players still choose the American version of the roulette table, which is inexplicable when you look at the odds. Let us now have a better look at these odds and how they translate to a player's chances of winning:

Easy Bets

The easy bets are by and large the most popular places to put your chips. These are the ones found on the side of the table and have 1:1 odds. The middle of the table is divided into numbers 1-36, which are also in turn divided into three columns. Most popular locations for wagers are as follows:

  • Red and Black
  • Even and Odd
  • Low (1-18) and High (19-36).

The chances of winning on these spots of the roulette table are18/37 (or roughly 48.6%)

Harder Bets

In addition to these more confident players like to try their luck out on the 0 to 36 number squares. The odds on these squares are 35:1 and if a player spreads their bets by occupying one or more of these square they can reduce these odds, to placing chips on two squares will reduce the odds to 17:1. This follows as you risk more chips on the table with four numbers being 8:1 and so on

Roulette terms

  • Plein - this indicates a full payout of 35: 1 and is secured by placing a chip in the center of a numbered square.
  • Cheval - this indicates that a player has used a chip to cover two neighboring squares such as 35/36 and in this case the payout is halved to 17: 1
  • Transverse Pleine - this strategy, also called “road” in some gambling circles involves covering a whole row of three sqaures with one chip such as 34, 35 and 36. The payout in this case is then divided by three to 11: 1
  • Les trois premiers - this is the same as the former category but specifically points to a wager on the first three numbers of 0, 1 and 2, and also has a payout of 11: 1
  • Carré - is similar to row but involves covering all the numbers of one column of the table, so, for instance 23-27.In this case the payout is divided by the number of squares involved to 8:1.
  • Les quatre premiers - you put the first four numbers, ie 0, 1, 2 and 3, and have a payout ratio as the Carré of 8: 1
  • Transversal simple – This involves two successive transverse rows on the roulette table, so say, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30, in this wager the payout is reduced to 5: 1, because the odds of the player increase.
  • Douzains - this involves the division of the numbers on the table into three dozens and the payout is 2: 1.
  • Colonnes - The columns are used in this instance to again divide the table into three different dozens with again the payout being 2:1.
  • Zero – Zero or Green gives you 37:1or 35:1 depending on the variation being played.

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