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One of the main attractions of gambling in an online casino, obviously, is that you have the opportunity to win a ridiculous amount of money and change your life.

Many of the professional high rolling gamblers out there doing the rounds look specifically for where the biggest jackpots are. This is how they pick where they play, because they believe in their skills and want the opportunity to play for the biggest possible jackpots. We have compiled the definitive list of the top 10 jackpots offered in 2011 for all you high rollers out there.

Top 10 Online Casino Jackpots

Millionaire Genie Slot

Unsurprisingly the top jackpot on our list belongs to the biggest slot machine on the web. With an astonishing 225 million jackpot in 2011 this is the most amazing amount on our list.

Mega Moolah Slots

Mega Moolah slots come from Microgaming, which is one of the biggest developers of online slot machines. With a jackpot that starts at 1 million and grows from there it is an unavoidable prospect for big jackpot seekers.

Millionaire Club Jackpot

Kicking off at around $175,000 and progressively growing from there the Millionaire jackpot club is definitely one to look out for. Back in October of 2009, the lucky player who bagged this jackpot took home the astonishing amount of $421,074,006 for a single spin of the slot machine reels.

Shopping Spree Slot Jackpot

This jackpot kicks off at the not so impressive sum of $25,000 but rapidly grows. In 2001 this jackpot grew progressively to the amazing amount of $1,030,596. Keep your eye on the jackpot total as it steadily grows.

Aladdins Lamp

Created by Boss Media this slot machine has rapidly become a favorite among online gamblers. The initial state of the jackpot is not high enough to raise any eyebrows at $15,000 but in December of 2007, this unimpressive figure skyrocketed to $1,118,644.71. It continues to proceed in this fashion to this day so keep an eye on the total.

Jack in The Box Jackpot

A rare instance of a slot machine without bonus rounds and a conservative starting jackpot at only $15,000. We have tracked its average payout height at $143,700 but recently it went as high as $443,861.90.

Super Sevens Super Jackpot

This slot machine kicks off at $200,000, with the average payouts being somewhere in the region of $400,000, in 2007 it reached an unprecedented jackpot high of $7,031,820.

Progressive Blackjack

Blackjack jackpots, though not as impressive as the ones typically found in the world of online slots are growing all the time. Cryptologic now offer progressive blackjack jackpots of in excess of $135,000. The recent Playtech Blackjack Jackpot hit an astonishing high of $208,000. As you can see blackjack is growing in jackpots and getting bigger all the time.

Rags to Riches

This Cryptologic slot machine kicks off as a generous $ 100,000 with a lucky player having recently bagged $235,868.59.

Mega Fortune – Mega Jackpot

This enormously popular slot machine features a total of 5 reels and 25 pay lines The mega fortune jackpot is currently at £4,441,270 and regularly goes over half a million pounds. That's over a million dollars.

As you have been able to tell from our list there are some really big jackpots to be had in online gambling. The fact that most of the mega jackpots on our list come from online slot machines should indicate to you just how big slot machines continue to be and how vital they are to online casino revenues.

So if you are one of the many jackpot hounds out there routinely looking for the biggest payouts then we hope this list has been of use to you. The fact that all the jackpots featured are also in our list of the top online casinos proves that they are reputable so what are you doing here reading this? Go and chase some jackpots!


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