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Here at free-casino-bonuses we have developed four main casino factors that we believe are of paramount importance when selecting an online casino to become a member with. So without further ado here they are:

1. Availability:
The availability of games is one of the older criteria we have kept from back in the day when online gambling was a relatively small affair and you were not guaranteed to find real players in any of the games on offer. The reason we have kept this criterion is that it is still a great indication of the type of outfit you are about to enter into a relationship with. The reason for this is that the more players a casino has, the bigger the jackpots, the more the games on offer, the better equipped their customer service and billing departments have to be. So the big boys are normally where the most action is, but also where you are safer.

2. Reliability:
Though good availability does not necessarily equate to good reliability it is more often than not the case. The way we categorize reliability is that the casino should be able to answer the phone to you if you have a query, or failing this get back to you promptly should you have to leave a message. The same goes for email and live-chat communications. Other area where reliability becomes extremely important is when it comes to debiting or crediting your account. Everything should go through as smoothly and as quickly as possible without even the need of getting in touch with their customer service department.

3. Customer Service:
This neatly dovetails into our next criterion. Customer service is of great importance to online casino users. You will, at some point in your online gaming time, need to contact the customer service department, and if they let you down in a big way or are not even available to address your problem than this will understandably put a real dampener on the experience for you. It is easy to test customer service before you sign up so there is no excuse not to do this. We recommend you feel them out before you register on a number of different occasions and at different times, if they are there to help and you are satisfied with the exchange then they can be said to have passed the test.

4. Security:
This is obviously one of the more important criteria. Your money and your personal details are extremely important to you and it follows that you need to trust the people you are conducting transactions with implicitly. Look out for what certifications from objective bodied such as eCOGRA the casino you are looking at has attained, also a good indication of strong site security is the company that provides them with their software platform. If they are licensing their software from one of the best software vendors then it is most likely that you are dealing with a site that has a respectable security setup as these vendors tend to devote an enormous amount of time and money to making sure their platforms are completely safe.


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