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Backgammon has a claim to the title of oldest board game in the world. It is thought to originate from ancient Persia and is known to have been played by the Ancient Persians, Indians, Greeks, Sumerians and Romans. In addition to this quite astounding pedigree it is also probably the most popular and most frequently played board game in the world today. It has always been very popular in the Middle East and the Mediterranean but has now become very popular everywhere else, in no small part due to the online game spreading it across all the four continents. Backgammon is a fast paced game that requires quick thinking, strong player psychology and solid tactics.

Compared to its great rival chess, it is faster in that each game is over in less time and it also features an element of luck, the roll of the dice, which chess doesn't have. This may cause chess players to look down upon it but any backgammon player will tell you that it is every bit as complex. All these features make backgammon an exciting and challenging game with the perfect blend of luck and skill. Also for this reason backgammon is very popular among players who are not big fans of traditional casino or card games, also it is a great gambling game in which the player does not have to come up against the house edge.

Over the past few years, as the Internet has grown to become a major source of entertainment classic board games such as chess, backgammon and checkers have massively increased in their popularity. This is obviously due to the fact that the net provides players with the facility of linking with each other across borders and sharing the games they love the most.

Today's backgammon boards have changed very little from those on which the ancient Persian game was played. Backgammon is a board game that is played between two players, with a pair of dice and a board divided into 24 triangles whose colors alternate between black and white. These 24 triangles are divided into four sections of six triangles. One section is the home of each player and the aim of the game to get your 15 stones from one side of the board all the way to the other side, where your home is. This is done while your opponent is trying to do the same thing in the opposite direction.

Once home you have to roll dice in order to remove your stones from the board. The player who manages to successfully remove all their stones from the board first is the winner.

Within this relatively simple construct there hides an enormously complex game in which strategy features very heavily.

Backgammon Tournaments

The online game, besides offering players an unprecedented number of opponents to play against, also offers a hectic and very competitive tournament schedule. The online game has created a new breed of backgammon player who makes a living from playing the online tournament circuit. So whether you are in it for the fun of the game or want to win prizes and money you are bound to find a suitable place for you online.

Free-casino-bonuses.com is your one stop for everything to do with online backgammon, from the best sites, the best tournaments, the most generous backgammon bonuses, or just tips and tricks and tutorials, we are confident that if you interested in online backgammon you will find what you are looking for within these pages.

Our mission has always been a simple one and applies to all online gambling games, not just backgammon, we aim to be the one place online gamblers come to for all their online gambling needs, as the site grows you will find more and more exclusive casino bonuses that we have been able to secure for our customers.


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