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Most online casinos now offer free money games, which essentially means that players can get a taste of what is in store without having to take any risks. This is a good way of attracting customers but more importantly for getting beginners to feel confident enough to take the plunge and start playing with real money. This is the great attraction of free money gambling in online casinos, you can learn the game, familiarize yourself with the software and find out if you are cut out for it or not before risking any of your own real money.

In this article you will find out about two variations of the free money play facility in most online casinos.

Download the software

In order to be able to play at all, let alone for free, you will need to download the online casino's software platform and install it onto your computer. This will also require you to register with them and provide some personal information but at this stage you are under no obligation to provide any billing information. Once your software has been installed and your account created you can proceed to use your free money account to play whatever free casino games the site offers.

Now you are still playing with credits similar to the ones you would be playing with had you credited your account with real money, in other words you are still wagering amounts but these amounts are fictional and in any case cannot be withdrawn. Your free money account will always be there, even after you have started playing with real cash. The great thing about this system is that you get a real feel for the casino and even if you should lose all your free money some casinos allow you to replenish it without having to pay anything and continue to play for free although in most cases once this free money has been used up you will be asked to top up your account with real cold hard cash.

Also, depending on the software provider and the platform this next paying procedure will vary slightly, but it normally involves a sum that must be agreed on that you wish to credit to your account, supplying your personal details and then making a secure payment from your account into the online casino's bank account. Once this is done you will receive confirmation of the transaction and then the money will appear in your player account and will be ready to use.

Now (Instant) Casinos

This second method is even easier to take advantage of because it requires no details to be supplied and no registration to be made. Many online casinos now offer this service due to the fact that some potential customers just want to give it a try without having to go through the registration process and rather than losing these customers the casinos would like to give them an opportunity to sample free play with a view to them liking it enough to become members once this trial period has expired or the free money has been used up.

Again different gambling software vendors, platforms and casinos operate different policies as far as this free play is concerned, but you get the general idea. As a useful induction into the world of online gambling both methods of free casino play are highly recommended. If we have any advice regarding these free play trials it would be not to see it as free money and thus be reckless with it. It is prudent to get into good gambling habits from the very beginning so make sure you exercise as much discipline as you would have if you were playing with real money. Take it easy and see just how far you can stretch this free money. After all that is exactly what you will be doing with your own money when you begin to apply wagering strategies and bankroll management strategy to your game as we have suggested elsewhere. Most importantly try to have fun with it!


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