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Nowadays ever casino is offering some sort of bonus but what are they really giving you?

Online casinos do not only afford you the luxury of playing from anywhere and at any time you choose, but also offer a great deal of generous casino bonus offers as well. As these sites grow in number and the competition between them increases, you will see ever more exciting promotional offers being given for free. Competition is great for the player and will only get better as more online casinos come to the market. This however can be a double edged sword as the more casinos that come to the market and the more bonuses that are on offer, the more confusing it can be for the player who can quickly lose themselves in a sea of bonuses and not know which to choose.

Of course any bonus is better than nothing, as free gaming money will always go down well, but the sheer volume of bonuses on offer can actually be paralyzing for players, especially if a person is new to the world of online gambling. Juts to help ease you in then, we have compiled a list of the most popular casino bonus offers, hopefully this will help to narrow things down for you and you can get playing as soon as possible. Also, the following is a brief overview of some of the terms you are likely to encounter and what they mean.

Welcome Bonus:

Well the name says it all really. A welcome bonus is probably the most common type of bonus offered by online casinos. It is basically a bonus upon your first deposit to thank you for choosing the casino in question, for having registered with them, and for having made your first deposit. These types of bonuses most typically take the form of extra credits added onto the ones you have already purchased by making a deposit. They are of course subject to wagering requirements that do differ from casino to casino so it is best to make sure you know what these requirements are before you start to play.

Match Bonus:

A Match bonus is similar to the welcome bonus but it is not only offered at the time of registration or first deposit. As the name also suggests it is a bonus where the casino will match the deposit you have made from its own coffers. So for example that for every 10 dollars you pay in the casino gives you another ten dollars of casino credits for free. These also differ widely from casino to casino.

Percentage Bonus:

Similar to the match bonus the percentage bonus, which is highly sought after by online gamblers , is a bonus where not only does the casino match your deposits but it pays a certain percentage over what you have deposited. So a 200% bonus would mean the casino doubles what you have paid in and gives you this on top of what you have already credited your account with. Of course as with all bonuses, and especially for these more generous one, strict wagering requirements are bound to apply.

No Deposit Bonus

It may seem to good to be true but some online casinos do in fact offer their prospective players a no deposit bonus. This is obviously in order to entice players to actually become members in the first place and takes the form of free casino credits just for registering an account with the casino in question. This is a prime example of competition doing good things for the customer. The sheer number of casinos operating now and the amount of bonuses being offered means casinos need to be ever more generous. So a bonus without even needing to pay any money in is a real result for the customer. Especially if you are as yet undecided on what casino you would like to play at the no deposit bonus is a great opportunity to get acquainted with a casino with not strings attached. Just register but pay nothing in!

Reload Bonus:

The reload bonus is another popular one and is used as an incentive to get existing players to keep topping their players accounts up with money. The way it typically works is that the casino rewards you at every deposit you make by adding a certain percentage of credits over and above what you have paid in, this figure is only normally around 10-20% but every penny counts when you are playing against the house!

High Roller Bonus:

This one is a great way of the casinos thanking the high rollers out there who are of course extremely welcome in all casinos. A high roller in an online casino is typically a player who deposits over a certain sum into their account every month. This also goes for large one time deposits and casinos policies will vary here. Say you make a big deposit of 1000 dollars into your online players account, a high rollers bonus on that deposit may be something like an extra 500 dollars gifted to you by the casino for being a high roller. Again wagering requirements will apply. A perfect example of this is the williamhillcasino which operates just such a policy as outlined above. So if you do spend a lot on online gambling every month make sure you look around to find just who is giving the biggest and best high rollers bonuses.

Preferred Payment Bonus:

This is also another great bonus to keep in mind. Casinos have their preferred methods of payment, even though they may offer a variety of options they will typically have one or more that suits them best. Payment methods bonuses work by adding a certain percentage to the amount you have deposited into your account when choosing to pay via the casinos preferred method of payment. This amount is usually between 10-25% depending on the casino.

Friend Bonus:

Another great way to earn casino bonuses is to refer your friends. It is a way to share something you enjoy whilst also receiving a bonus on the side. Titan Casino and Casino Tropez all offer this type of bonus and it is a great way to top us your casino account with just that little bit extra. Some casinos even give something to the person you have referred as well so everybody is a winner. This can take the form of a percentage of their first deposit but more often than not it takes the form of a one off payment anything from 20-50 dollars depending on the casino. Click here for a list of the best online casinos and select your favorite ones from them, if you refer a friend to also sign up with you you can maximize your bonus.

Loyalty Points

A very generous move by online casinos, loyalty points basically mean that you get a bonus for every penny that you spend in an online casino. So for instance Eurogrand Casino offers a 1€ = 1 comp point, these definitely add up and are well worth checking out. Comp points can often be exchanged for free games and in some casinos can be used for betting.

Special Promotions

Over and above all the wonderful bonuses mentioned here online casinos still offer other bonuses and promotions. These are usually advertised and sent out to members via mailing lists so it is best to keep abreast of them. They can take the form of free spins or free rolls, free entry into sweepstakes competitions or all sorts of gaming tournaments.

So as you have seen competition is the best thing for your as an online gambler. And business is certainly booming, this is why there are so many active online casinos on the internet today. At the time of writing this is somewhere in the region of 3000 online casinos but by the time you read this there will be many many more. That is why we have built this website, to help you, the gamer, navigate that sea of gambling information that is bound to grow more daunting as the market and continues to grow. Here you will find only the top online casinos found on the internet.


As we have already mentioned it is vital that you are aware of the casinos terms and conditions, their wagering requirements, and any other rules and regulations that apply to the bonus you have chosen to accept. This is of paramount importance because knowing exactly what you have to do in order to be able to cash out, will help you when it comes to developing your game strategy. An informed gambler is a winner.


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