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Promotions exist for a variety of reasons in online casinos, they encourage players to try new games that the casino may be promoting, the bring players back to games that may have been lagging behind, they offer free casino games in the hope that players will find them interesting enough to keep playing with their own money, they also attract customers to signing up with an online casino in the first place. These types of promotions usually take the forms of “welcome bonuses for signing up, match bonuses, bonus points that can be used to gamble with, loyalty bonuses for your repeated custom, free games and free rolls as well as prize draws. Bonus promotions are usually offered for limited periods of time however there is always some kind of bonus promotion running so don't worry about missing out. In addition to this there has recently been the introduction of bonus points schemes in which players receive bonuses depending on how much money they deposit into their casino account, it is basically a bit of free extra gambling money along with the money you have already paid in. These systems of course differ from casino to casino but I'm sure you get the general picture. The backbone of most casino bonuses schemes in online gambling is a reward for having already gambled and an incentive to keep doing so.

Please note: Some online casinos bonus points accumulated in disbursement of funds drawn down again, which is a big disadvantage for the player. If a player wants to lose any points, then he has to let his profits into their casino account, which means he either has to keep his money in the short run or he will forfeit all profits eventually return. At that moment, the player should make a well informed decision. Some casinos can be sneaky and offer the best casino bonuses for not cashing out so be aware of this and take care to make your decision as to when to cash out and which bonus promotions to take advantage on based on whatever existing wagering strategy you are working with. There is no sense is abandoning this just for the promise of a few extra games that will serve to reduce your winnings in the long run.

As far as these types of bonus schemes operate the ultimate goal is to keep players logged in and keep them gambling. Once such very successful way has been to offer bonuses in stages, so that players graduate to higher stages for how many games they have played or how much they have wagered, the bonuses increase as you move up and you can after see a score tally with how you are doing in relation to other people on the site which further serves to get people playing competitively. By getting players to compete more games are played, the experience is more fun for the individual players and by working their way up the stages they become eligible for prize draws that are exclusive to players who have attained a certain level. The types of online casino promotions usually operate for more than a month, giving players the chance to compete and rise in the ranks. There are prizes awarded on certain days, there are prizes awarded randomly. Recently game scenarios have also been included in these promotions making the whole affair a lot more entertaining for the players, they can involve a basic narrative, such a a bank heist, in which players are participating in planning executing and then obviously in running away with the loot!


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