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How it Works

The way Blackjack works is that you have one simple objective, and that is getting a hand that is worth most than the dealers while being less than 21. If you are playing with more players than just the dealer your objective does not change, your goal is to beat the dealer. The game is usually played at a table that seats six players and one dealer. For all the cards numbered 10 or less the value of them is printed on them. All other face cards (Jack, Queen, King) are worth 10. The Ace can either be worth 1 or 11 depending on what helps you most. There are two simple ways of winning a game of Blackjack. The first as already explained is to have a hand worth more than the dealer's that is valued at less than 21. The second is for the dealer to bust by having a hand worth more than 21. When this takes place the player remaining in the game without a hand over 21 wins the game. If playing in an online casino you will notice a sign at the table displaying the wagering limits for the table. Usually this is somewhere between two and a hundred dollars. Two being the minimum and one hundred being the maximum wager allowed. The game begins with the deal.

By now you have sat at the table of your choice, have your betting chips in front of you and have made your wager by placing it in front of you. Now the dealer will deal to all the players at the table. The way this usually works is that each player is dealt two cards which are placed facing upwards on the table before them. The dealer then received two cards, with on being face up and the other face down. The hand that gives it's name to the game of Blackjack is basically any two cards that add up to twenty-one. The payout for having such a hand is ordinarily 3 to 2 although some casinos have been known to have a 6 to five variation on this game. It goes without saying that if the dealer is dealt a Blackjack then every player who does not have a Blackjack of their own automatically loses the round. When one of the players gets a Blackjack the dealer will then pay that player their winnings for the round and continue the game with the rest of the players at the table. In Blackjack the player on the left most of the dealer gets to play first. Each player has a number of possible options before them. 'Hit' means they are asking the dealer for another card. 'Stand' alerts the dealer that the player does not want any more cards and that his hand is not fixed for the round. 'Double Down' means that the player has opted to double his wager to take another hit and will then stand. 'Split' means the player is doubling their wager and using each first card to be the first in two new distinct hands. 'Surrender' means to give up the amount you wagered and your hand.

The dealer also has a number of actions that he can take. Once all the players at the table have finished the dealer then reveals his hole card, the one that has up until now been face down, in order to reveal what his cards are worth. The dealer will play according to predetermined house rules that usually involve continuing to hit until he has a total of 17 and then standing once this is reached. After the dealer has finished playing the winners are paid, the losers' chips are collected and then the next hand of the game begins. Usually payouts and collections take place from right to left on the table.


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