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Need a helping hand with your Blackjack game? You've come to the right place, this introductory tutorial will teach you the basics and set you on your way to becoming a legend at this brilliant casino game

Do you know that there are a variety of different blackjack betting strategies? Following the right betting strategy when playing blackjack can really increase your odds of success.

Whatever is your level of play, it always pays to have a wagering strategy. Sticking to a specific strategy is mathematically proven to radically increase your long term gains at blackjack. The key is to be consistent as this is the real way to get over the house advantage. Many players are not even aware that there is such a thing as wagering strategy at blackjack, the way they normally go about their games it to wager on a hunch, this is not a good way to play as you are putting your chances of success entirely down to luck rather than trying to work the odds to give yourself an advantage.

Failure to adopt a a betting strategy and sticking to it is tantamount to giving the casino your money so pay attention and see how your game will improve.

The following is a very basic introduction to blackjack wagering strategy.

Labouchere Wagering Strategy

Labouchere rests on very basic maths. Even so, it can still be a bit confusing when it explained to players for the first time so here goes... Firstly a player needs to decide on what you are prepared to walk away from the table with in terms of winnings in a given betting session. Initially this should be quite a low number so as to make it easy to get to grips with this specific betting strategy. For the sake of argument lets imagine that amount you have set yourself as a target is $20, now the next thing you need to do is come up with a string of digits that add up to this figure. So for instance 3,2,4,1,5,2,2,1. The way this works is that you take the first and last number from the series and add them together. In the case of this number line it would be $4. So you bet this amount on the next hand. If you win on the next hand then you discard these numbers and take the next two (the second and second from last) and repeat the procedure, moving one digit in from the front and the back as you go along. If you lose you take the amount you just wagered and add it to the end of the line, in this case it was $4 so you add this number to the end of the line and go on as usual, using this number to add to the one on the other side of the line for your nest wager. Theoretically once you have used up all the numbers on your line you should have made the figure you set out to make in the first place. The system of course has it's imperfections, for instance a long losing streak may cause your line to become unmanageable and the figures to be wagered to even rise above the table limit. In this case you ought to consider it a loss and call it a day.

Paroli Wagering Strategy

The paroli wagering strategy is one of the simplest to learn. It is what is commonly known as a positive progression strategy which simply means that you gradually increase your amounts wagered with each and every win. So for instance, if you are wagering $1 and you win, your next wager should be $2 and your next $4 and so on. However it is crucial to decide from the outset how much you are willing to wager in a session and how much you will need to win in order to walk away from the table happily as the paroli system can quickly get out of hand. Also you decide how many times you are prepared to double your bet. So if you started of with a wager of $1 you can set your limit at $8, as soon as you have wagered $8 you will then go back to $1 on the next round.

Parlay Wagering Strategy

The parlay system much like the paroli is a positive progression wagering strategy but unlike the paroli it is not set according to a system you have prefigured before beginning to play. Of course you still set your limits as far as how much you are willing to win or lose in a given gambling session before walking away but in the parlay system you are betting according to a pyramidal structure. Simply put, you use your winnings, plus the original wager to form the basis for the next round of betting. So if you wagered $2 and won back $1 plus your original wager then in the next hand you will bet $3. This system however can quickly spiral out of control and really only favors winning streaks. As such when wagering bigger amounts some players choose to only include part of their winnings along with the original wager.

Martingale Wagering Strategy

The Martingale is commonly cited as one of the oldest wagering systems and is based on the probability of losing an infinite number of rounds. As such it is what is commonly referred to as a negative progression system, which basically means that next wagers are increased when a hand or a round is lost. This strategy works very well for even money gambling situations. So say you wager $1 on a hand and loose, on the next hand you will double your wager to $2, and if you lose again you double it to $4 and so on. If you win a hand you revert your wager to the basic wager you decided to start with, in the case of this example it was $1. By increasing your wager with ever loss you are, in effect, wagering against the odds of you continuing to lose indefinitely and as this is unlikely and your wager keeps growing with every loss then when you do finally win a hand you are going to recoup all the money you have previously lost.

Blackjack Strategy Books

There are now a great deal of very good Blackjack strategy guides on the market. If you are really interested in honing your game and ensuring that you make the most of your time at the Blackjack table that you study a few of these books and familiarize yourselves with the ins and outs of Blackjack wagering strategy. Also, we have found that it is extremely helpful to keep a log of all your wagering sessions, which strategies you employed and how it worked out for you. These can be reviewed periodically to see which strategies have been working for you and which not.


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