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Online Bingo Halls have exploded online over the past few years and with so much choice out there you have a more competitive market with inevitably leads to a better quality gaming experience. We recommend that you have a look at some of the online Bingo sites that we recommend here.

We have put in the hours and are prepared to stand by our choices as some of the fairest, best looking, easiest to join and most importantly safest online bingo halls on the web. You cannot go wrong with our thoroughly tested and vetted list.

Broadly speaking online bingo halls can be broken down into three categories:

  • Free Bingo are games that are not played for money, these are usually only social in nature and as such do not require paying anything to join the game.
  • Bingo sites that allow you to play on a pay by play basis. These are usually very small sums of money with smaller winnings.
  • Full online bingo sites that require the player to create an account and pay money into it, these funds will be used to buy in to available games. These sites work much like other online gambling sites and some even have games other than bingo that you can take part in.

Traditional bingo, the bingo we think about when we hear the word, the bricks and mortar halls, cheesy announcers, cheap decor etc. that bingo is fast becoming a thing of the past. Online bingo is now revolutionizing the way people play, bringing players together from all over the planet in one of the few great non-competitive gambling games that exist. Please bear in mind though that even though this is not hard gambling in any sense of the word it is still considered gambling as it involves monetary transactions and possible payouts and so is only open to players over 18 years of age.

Some fun facts:

  • Most bingo players, both online and in the real world are women, some calculations put the number down as in the vicinity of eighty-five percent.
  • Two thirds of players are between thirty-five and fifty-four years old.
  • Online bingo has grown to such an extent that eighty percent of bingo players now also play online. Since bingo's massive online growth, and perhaps due to the large majority of female players, more and more men are now getting into the game.
  • Online bingo games run twenty-four hours a day, all week, all month, all year, so any time you fancy playing there is a game going that you can join.
  • Internet bingo has come such a long way over the years that many players talk about what an enjoyable and addictive experience it is, The graphics are superb and online chat gives the Internet version of this game that essential social aspect that is the real attraction of the original game.
  • Online bingo is a great place to meet new people. Friendships are made every day all across the globe through online bingo, even some long term relationships started out in the online bingo hall.

If you're dead set on giving online bingo a try then you have definitely come to the right place. We have compiled a list of some of the best bingo halls on the web. The halls we list run the latest, most involving software, have the most features, the largest payouts and offer the best bonuses. Any questions you may have we're always here to help.


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