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It's without a doubt one of the most iconic and best known gambling games in existence. Instantly recognized by one and all the classic 'one armed bandit' has become synonymous with the world of gambling. Classic slot machines have three reels and only one line need be completed in order to win the jackpot. These old fashioned slots were mechanical and the lever the player pulled (the one arm of the one armed bandit) caused the reels to spin at slightly different speeds. A win was secured by lining up three of the same image when the reels stopped spinning. Modern slot machines have come a long way and their online equivalent has contributed towards this growing development.

Slot Machine Types

Generally there are two basic slot machine variations. These are traditional and progressive slot machines. The differences between them are in terms of denominations accepted and number of simultaneous reels and lines. This basic distinction gives way to many different varieties of progressive slot machines which are by and large what we mean about today when we talk about slot machines. Even though the traditional three reel one arm bandit are still in use and as popular as ever.

What Types of Different Progressive Slot Machines Are There?

  • European slot machines
    European slot machines are very similar to the classic slot machines. They usually have only three cylinders, though some go up to six. These European machines are extremely popular and are very similar to the ones you can usually find in bricks and mortar casinos. These are the classic "fruit machines" that most people call to mind when they think of a slot machine. The way these differ from classical American slots is that they often have several sub games that allow the player to get a piece of the pot. European slots are programmed to pay out a certain predefined percentage of the jack pot back so cumulatively around 95 percent of what is paid in is eventually paid out.
  • American slot machines
    Traditional American slot machines date back to the early 1930's. They were quickly made very popular and spread throughout the country including to the place that would guarantee their iconic status: Las Vegas. Slots still make up a substantial part of a casino profits and are probably the most profitable game for them overall. Nevada is the only U.S state that places no restrictions on the public or private use of gaming machines and so it is not unusual to see people playing slots even at airports in the state. Other states that tacitly allow the use of gaming machines do so only if they are located on vessels a certain distance from the coast. American slots are probably the simplest sort of slot machine you can play. Even so a brief breakdown of how they work may be of use to some people.
  • 3 Reel Slot Machines
    The all time classic slot machine is the one that features three reels. The first of its kind was the “liberty bell” slot machine that is still often used in images due to its iconic status. By making the maximum bet you can take advantage of a total of five possible payout lines. These include all three of the horizontal ones and two diagonal ones. 3 reel slot machines generally permit fewer winning combinations their rollers are weighted to make certain combinations exceedingly unlikely otherwise they'd be paying out all the time. This is in sharp contrast to the video game type slots that can be finely tuned to make specific odds possible.
  • 5 Reel Slot Machines
    Five reel slots are similar to the three reel kind except that they have an extra two horizontal lines. These kinds of slot machines offer a greater number of possible winning combinations. And so are more fun to pay and generally more popular. Also the five reel slots are generally the ones where the better and more interesting bonuses are offered from online casinos. The biggest attraction to the five reel slot is the fact that so many different winning lines are made possible by five reels. The most reliable and safe online casinos for slot machines offers up to 30 pay lines making potential payouts far greater.
  • Video Slots
    Video Slot machines are different from traditional slots in that they do not use mechanical spinning rollers but rather an entirely graphical display. Video slot machines feature a greater number and variety of different games. They also include bonus rounds and miniature rounds that allow the player to earn free spins and credits by completing certain challenges. In addition to this video slot machines have, in general, larger payouts, bigger jackpots and also progressive jackpots white really change the nature of the game. Progressive jackpots massively increase potential winnings but the odds of getting these jackpots are extremely low due to the huge number of possible combinations of 5 or 7 reel slots machines.
  • Jackpots
    Jackpots never fail to capture the imagination of the gambling public and this is one of the reasons that slot machines are so popular. For a relatively small wager you have the chance of winning a comparatively enormous amount of money. Jackpots depend on just how much has been wagered and so are constantly changing. The size of the jackpot at any given time is clearly visible on each and every slot machine. This involves an interesting dynamic where the higher the jackpot rises the more players begin to feel that a payout is imminently due and so tend to concentrate of playing on machines that seem to have more money in the kitty.
  • Progressive Jackpots
    Progressive Jackpots are the big thing now in online slots machines and are adding even more excitement to an already very popular game. A progressive Jackpot is generally a pot that contains the losses of other players that can then be played for by other players. This works in online slots by a certain percentage of lost money being contributed to a pot which increases the average payout amount of each slot machine. In bricks and mortar casinos this figure can be astronomically high and tends to attract a great deal of attention. The odds on winning such inordinately high amounts are pretty slim, online as well as in bricks and mortar casinos, so it becomes something of a lottery with utterly life changing amounts of money up for grabs. The ways that these progressive jackpots can be so big is that they are usually linked to a network of slot machines of the same kind, worldwide and so the jackpot grows with a much larger group of players adding to it. This is part of the allure of a progressive jackpot and the stupefying sums of money on offer don't hurt either. The bigger the number of collaborating slot machines the quicker the jackpot grows. Especially in the case of larger jackpots it’s best for a player to be familiarized with the rules of the specific game to avoid making any simple blunders that would jeopardize a potential victory. In addition if you are opting for an online slot with a progressive jackpot make sure that you opt for one where you can monitor the progress of the jackpot total online in real time. This adds to the suspense and gives you the opportunity to decide how much higher you will allow a jackpot to grow before trying your luck.
  • Multi-line Slots
    Over the years multi-line slits have become especially popular, most noticeably so online. The most interesting feature of these slots that has contributed to their popularity is the fact that they work with multiple payout lines. This means a diversity of possible winning combinations which makes the game much more fun to play. Some use symbols, dice or other combinations in order to win. They also offer progressive jackpot which massively increases potential winnings. Slot machines are some of the most commonly changing aspects of an online casino's gaming repertoire. The fact is that online casinos spend a lot of money developing and promoting these games as they are such a large source of revenue for them. This means that they are in constant competition with each other to bring to the market ever more involving and graphically entertaining varieties of online slots. This also means that you can expect big bonuses to be offered frequently as and when a new slot is released and the casino is trying to promote it. Many online players move from casino to casino taking advantage of these bonuses purely because they have a soft spot for the game and there are so many bonuses going. Be sure to keep abreast of what is going on in the world of online casino bonuses, including all the latest bonuses for slot machines.

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