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Over the years Online Bingo has skyrocketed in its popularity. It is an easy, involving and even quite addictive form of online gambling. Here at free-casino-bonuses you will find a wealth of information on the game of online bingo. We provide many articles on the subject as well as a comprehensive list of the best free casino bonuses offered especially for online bingo games. The ease of the game has been a major contributing factor in its popularity. Add to this the fact that with online chat rooms the social aspect of the game has been faithfully recreated and you have a potentially endless source of fun.

Online Bingo Bonuses

One of the best ways to get into the game, as well as maximizing the potential of financial gain, is to take advantage of the many different free bonuses offered for playing online bingo in many different online casinos. Familiarize yourself with what bonuses are being offered by which casinos and click through to the one of your choice in order to take advantage of free bingo games with the possibility of winning real cash.

Online Bingo Gaming Platforms

Online Bingo is now played in many different forms each with a different graphical interface and with different variations of the classic game. 75-ball bingo, 80 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo are all very popular today with the possibility of wining based on different patterns that need to be completed in order to win. Ball speed and ticket prices also differ from casino to casino and on free-casino-bonuses you will find the best bonuses offered by the most reputable online casinos.

Online Bingo Game Card Patterns

There are many different ways of completing a game card and winning a game of online bingo. In addition to the standard patterns well-known from the bingo of days gone by which normally include completing a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line, the online game now also features 'blackout bingo'. In blackout bingo the object is to fill in all the numbers of your bingo game card. Other variations include 'Four Corners' in which you win by covering all four corners of the card and also 'plus sign', won by filling in a cross in the center of the card as well as 'Pumpkins' and 'turkey', all variations on the well known thing that involve creating different patterns with called numbers in order to win.

Online Bingo Jackpots

As well as the smaller prize pots for completing a bingo game card online bingo websites also offer more generous jackpots that are available in daily ply. Progressive bingo jackpots are among the most impressive in this respect and involve cumulative wins with prize money going up in to the tens of thousands.

Online Bingo Chat Facilities

What really brings the online bingo experience to life is the online chat rooms. These are a crucial aspect of the gaming experience and afford the player the opportunity to interact with other players and make friends with all sorts of interesting people. Players often cite this experience, of being able to interact with other players and the casual, friendly and laid back atmosphere that permeates most online bingo game rooms as the most attractive part of the experience. Players are often congratulated upon winning by other players in the room and a shorthand language for this sort of communication has also been developed. An example of this is WTG which you will often see being typed in chat windows, this stands for 'Way to go' and is often used to congratulate a winning player. is often used in online bingo, bingo if someone has done. The simplicity and ease of the game means that most people are also there in order to enjoy a collective experience in which it is not unheard of for long-term friendships to be born and develop. This is the true heart of online bingo.


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