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Online Keno game reviews - Play Keno for free or real money!


Keno - an exciting online casino game, easy to learn and very popular with players all over the world!

The online gambling has become a huge billion-euro business! It is estimated that there are literally thousands of different online casinos on the internet and almost every day, new casino sites appear. The range of casino games offered is as varied and diverse as the sites themselves, with many specializing in certain areas such as Video Poker, Slots, Blackjack and other table and card games.

Keno is a game that was invented about 2200 years ago in China, is very easy to learn and much like a lottery game. Nowadays it is a very popular casino game that can be found in both land-based casinos and online casinos. Online Keno games are similar to a lottery: you choose your lucky numbers and with some luck win a lot of money.

What is Keno?

Compared to other casino games, the odds of winning at keno may not be the best, but nevertheless it is a very exciting and addictive game where players, who are willing to take a few risks, often benefit from better payouts with smaller stakes.

Your only job in online keno is picking the right numbers – quite simple! You have a choice regarding how many numbers you want to play and how high your bet should be. The more numbers you select, the bigger will be your potential payout, however, the more numbers you pick the more numbers must match. Be aware, the computer has no memory, so there is no advantage or disadvantage in selecting the same numbers over and over again for each game.

One of the benefits of the keno casino game is that you play it with very low stakes but you can win a lot. In most of the best online casinos, gambling is already possible from as low as 1.00 €/$, but depending in which casino you play, there are also some online casinos where you can already play with just 5 cents.

How to play Keno online?

In order to start playing online keno, you must select at least 4 numbers out of 80, but not more than 10. Each number you have selected is a so-called "spot", thus by a selection of 10 numbers you would play a 10 "spot" game. After pressing the start button, twenty numbered Keno balls from 1 to 80 will fall down randomly. If a certain number of your numbers match with the on-screen pleasing numbers, than you have won!

Tip: The more numbers you select, the more you can win.

Play online Keno with head

Compared to the keno games in land-based casinos, online keno runs much faster and that’s why it can easily happen that you overdo it. Often, you can play online up to 10 games at the same time, which means you can play hundreds of games within minutes. Even with only one euro per game, it can really add up easily if you do not win.

The lowest casino house edge, you usually have just by choosing between three and nine numbers. However, this varies from site to site. If you can get access to a payout table and a house edge distribution, you should use this to determine how many numbers to play.

When you play online keno games, it is very important that you take your time and define your own pace. Further, set a limit before starting the game that you do not want to exceed. Play slowly so that your bankroll will last for a while, even if you do not win on the beginning. If your numbers fall, do not be in a hurry, when you select new numbers and do not speed up the pace. Once you are winning, you should look for an excuse to stop and not to play faster.

Tip: Remember, by playing online keno you can win up to 50.000 €/$ with just a 1 €/$ bet and a certain amount of luck, so the possibilities are endless and the world is yours!!

Keno online casinos

Nowadays Keno can be found in most online casinos and if you've ever played in a real casino, you will quickly realize that playing keno in online casinos is much better, faster and more convenient. There is almost no difference between the casino keno and video keno.

Well, have we picked your interest? The best online casinos where you can play safe online keno and where you get on top of it a great casino bonus are among others: spinpalace and Eurogrand Casino.


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