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Lost City Slots game review | Boss Media Slots Games

Lost CityLost City the online slot game is here and if you are a fan of great graphics and big bonus rounds then you should give this one a closer look.

Lost City is an attractive new Boss Media slot machine with a twist. It doesn't feature paylines like the slot games you are well aware of. Instead you get points for each round of gambling. Also bonuses play a big role in this game with their progressive four level bonus rounds that build on each other in order to multiply your points and your possible prize money, so in a round you can win from as little as five coins to as much as twenty-five thousand.

Scatter Symbol

  • Two Scatter symbols in any place wins you ten free spins.
  • Three Scatter symbols in any place win you twenty-five free spins.
  • Also bear in mind that you can continue to win free spins on the bonus rounds which mean you can continuously carry on playing and winning more free plays.

    Bonus Round

    The bonus round of Lost city gives players the opportunity to hunt for treasure in various picturesque locations. The whole point is to find the Lost City containing all the gold somewhere in the ocean's depths. This goal is played out in four levels, the levels are played out and then players return to the main game to cash out their bonus points and prize winnings before entering the next level of the bonus game.

    Should you see the quest symbol anywhere on any of the reels then you unlock the bonus round. Each subsequent time the symbol shows up the player earns bonus points.

    • Bonus Round 1: The Map
      Here players much break a code in order to get 1,500 points. Then and only then do players get to progress.
    • Bonus Round 2: The air
      Players must pick the plane that will take them out to sea in this section. In order to progress players need to win at least three thousand points in this round.
    • Bonus Round 3: The Ocean
      Players must now pick the ship that will help them to search for the lost city. Like other rounds of this game players must pass a certain point tally in order to progress. For this round the amount it upped to four thousand five hundred points.
    • Bonus Round 4: The Search for the Lost City
      In this fourth and final round of the bonus game players must battle against an tally of remaining in the search for the lost city. The game moves forward much like the old battleship game where players search on points of a grid in order to find the Lost City before their time runs out.

    Bonus Prize Round

    Assuming that a player finds the Lost City then a Bonus Prize round commences where players get to unlock treasure chests and see what luck has in store for them. This is the biggest fun of the entire game, as all the previous hard work is seen to have paid off.


    As with many new online slot games there is an autoplay feature where players can have the computer make their choices for them. In this case all they need to do is to select the option and then deselect it when they would like to take over.


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