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Wild Pirates Slots game review | Boss Media Slots Games

Wild PiratesWild Pirates is the addictive swashbuckling new online slot machine that is truly designed to give players as many opportunities as possible to strike a win. Read more here.

Wild Pirates the great new pirate themed Boss Media online slot game features five reel and a total of nine paylines. Winning is made possible by matching between two and five icons horizontally. The game also has a couple of great bonus rounds that can earn players free spins and a multiplication of existing winnings. In the game you have to attack and sink rival pirate ships in order to gain dominance over treasure island.

You have a great degree of choice as to how much you wager on any given payline and if you want to go all out you can simply click on the Maximum Bet icon which automatically maximizes your wagers across all possible paylines.

Wild Symbol

The jolly roger is the wild symbol in Wild Pirates and allows players to replace all other symbols other that, of course, the scatter symbol.


  • Three scatter symbols result in a win of eight free spins.
  • Four scatter symbols result in a win of twenty free spins.
  • Five scatter symbols result in a win of one hundred free spins!

Every time the scatter symbol shows up on the screen you can expect your game to considerably improve. Also winning free spins during free spins makes it potentially possible for you to carry on playing indefinitely if you are lucky enough, and of course the longer you play for the better your odds at walking away with the jackpot.

Bonus Round

  • Broadside Bonus Round
    Getting between two to five bonus symbols unlocks the Broadside Bonus Round, in this round alone players have the opportunity to bag a very generous four thousand five hundred credits. Broadside Bonus is not just a game of chance, you actually have to take control of the pirate ship's guns and attempt to sink enemy vessels in five cannonball shots. Only three direct hits are necessary to cause irreparable damage to the other craft so if you land them right you will win a great money bonus prize separate from the main jackpot of the game.
  • Treasure Island Bonus Gamed
    In this other bonus game you have to find a buried treasure. The less time you do this in the better the prize you end up wining. In order to complete this round players must piece together a shredded treasure map. Every 250 points you earn gets you a single piece of the map. If you get a total of one thousand points then you get the full map and you can hunt for the buried treasure. The pieces of the map also show up on the reels letting you know that you are getting closer and closer to being able to hunt for the treasure.


Just as in all other modern slot games you can opt to automate the entire process and have the computer make all the relevant decisions for you. Remember to disengage this option when you are done with it however because it will continue to place wagers for you if you don't!

Flash Version

Wild pirates is also available in a version you can play via flash through your browser instead of having to download the game to your computer.


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