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Online Video Poker game reviews - Play Video Poker for free or real money!

Video Poker

Online gambling is continuing to grow and bring new innovations to the market. The greatest thing about it, aside for the fact that you get to gamble from the comfort of your own home at any time of the day or night, is that the very best online casinos all have an array of gambling games and tournaments you can take part in that rival those of even land based casinos. Clearly nowadays it is online gambling that is innovating the path that gambling games will take in the future.

All gamblers love slot machines, whether they are casual gamblers or serious card game fanatics, and it is this gap between the game of chance that is the online slot machine, and the game of skill that is, say, poker, that has led to the popularity of Video poker games both in land based casinos and online. What really surprises most people is that Video poker is actually almost as old as those fist mechanical one armed bandit machines!

More recently however, video poker has started to rule the roost both online and in land based casinos as the perfect hybrid between slot machine and card game. It is quick and easy, a great boon to beginner poker players seeking to test their hand recognition skills and also a chance for more advanced players to exercise their own skills.

Video poker info

Video poker as we have said is a fascinating hybrid between slot machines and poker players. Today over and above Blackjack and Roulette, video poker is one of the most frequently played gambling game on the Internet.

The first mechanical early 20th century models came along at roughly the same time as slot machines and were an instant success. The aim of the game was and is similar to the regular game of poker; all you have to do is have your hand beat that of the computers in order to win.

Unlike regular poker you play against the computer but in the case of progressive jackpots you are ultimately competing with everybody else who is vying for the same jackpot.

Video poker and online casinos

Even in bricks and mortar casinos video poker is a well known and much played gambling game. The explosion in video poker however took place in the mid-nineties with the spread of the internet and the growth of online gambling as a viable alternative to the regular casinos.

Nowadays you can choose from hundreds of different casinos which all have different varieties of this most popular online gambling game. Here at free-casino-bonuses we have compiled for you a comprehensive list of video poker rules and articles so that you can be as well aware of how it works before you play your first hand.

Video poker bonuses

One of the first things you should look for is that the casino you have chosen to play video poker at has a competitive bonus scheme. With so many casinos and so much competition between them there is no excuse for not shopping around and making sure you get the a good deal on the bonus you are being offered in order to sign up.

Also in the case of progressive jackpots every single game played adds to the pot that some lucky player is going to get to take home with them. Bear in mind that different jackpots work with different rules so read the instructions before you play as it might be the case that in order to be eligible for the jackpot you need to wager with the biggest denomination available.

So if you pick the right casino, get the best bonus, and are familiar with the rules of the game, then you will really have a good experience of the game.

And don't forget that once you have gotten some experience with your free bonus money plays that the only way to really go for it is to play with real money. Bonuses are great for introducing you the game, getting you used to the layout and the rhythm of how it works and then you can really get into it by stepping up and playing with your own hard earned cash.


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