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MasterCard Casinos | Online Casinos that accept MasterCard for deposits &/or Withdrawals

General Information

Mastercard is probably one of the biggest and most popular credit card companies in the world. One of the originators of the credit card phenomenon it is hard to find a credit card accepted as widely as a MasterCard, the Mastercard logo is recognized all across the planet.

MasterCard has been around for an astonishing 40 years and are the most experienced, the most supported and the most prestigious credit card company on the planet.

MasterCard Benefits

  • Instant transaction completion
  • MasterCard is fee free as far as deposits and withdrawals are concerned.
  • Mastercard is supported by many online casinos.

Types of MasterCard

With all of the years MasterCard has been around they have developed a series of different cards that provide solutions for different types of customers.

  • Prepaid MasterCard
    This is a newer addition to the MasterCard line up. Prepaid MasterCards are one of the most popular methods of deposit in online casinos across the world. Registration is even simpler than registering for a regular credit card and the way they work is basically you pay money into them and then can use the card to purchase whatever you want with the money you have paid in. Another great attraction for using this type of card is that it is almost impossible to be a victim of credit card fraud with prepaid card. The reason for this is that your prepaid Mastercard only needs to have as much cash paid into it at any given time as your next transaction with it. So if you are about to deposit 50 dollars into your player account you only need to pay 5o dollars into it. Then once the transaction is complete you don't have to worry about any unauthorized transactions, it can remain inactive until you want to make another transaction.
  • MasterCard Debit
    MasterCard debit cards are also extremely popular and are given out by many banks to their customers, just like all other debit cards you pay with the funds that you currently have in your account.
  • Mastercard Gift Card
    MasterCard Gift Cards are much like prepaid cards with the difference being that they are one time use only, They come precharged with preset amounts of money, anywhere from a couple of hundred to a thousand dollars. You can use them to make purchases until the funds are spent and then they expire.

Mastercard is definitely a company to look into if you are looking to use a credit card for your online gambling. They have been around for many years, they are safe and quick and easy to use. In addition to all this their various options are perfect for online gambler or for people who don't feel comfortable with giving out their details online. The prepaid Mastercard is our favorite and has become one of the most popular methods of payment in online casinos. Also if you have a loved one who is a big fan of online gambling you can't go too far wrong with a Mastercard gift card when buying them a present!

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