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Debit Cards

Debit Cards Casinos - Online Casino Debit Cards Payments

General Information

Debit cards are the most popular methods of payment today. This holds true for transactions carried out online and in the real world. The same holds true for the world of online gambling. Most transactions today are conducted with plastic rather than cash and it is the best example of a system working well and becoming the standard. There are weaknesses to this system, such as they are open to abuse, identity theft is now a growing concern and card fraud is a growing concern year after year.

Types of debit cards

What is the difference between Debit and Credit cards.

The difference between credit and debit cards are that payments from debit cards are deducted immediately from your bank account whereas with credit cards you have a set limit of credit and every transaction you make eats into this limit until you pay your bill at the end of the month. Most people use both types of cards but they can often be more reluctant to give debit card numbers out online because of fraud worries. With a credit card your set limit is often much smaller than the money you have saved in your bank account and so people tend to feel safer using credit cards, especially online.

Debit Card systems.

Originally when debit or credit cards were used all you needed to do is sign the receipt and then the transaction could be approved. With the rise of credit card fraud some other safeguards have been put into place. When using a credit or debit card online or over the phone you will often be asked for a security code in addition to your card number and expiration date. This number is the last three digits on the signature strip of your card and is unique for every card. When using a card in person nowadays at all places that have updated their machines for the chip and pin change that took place a few years ago will ask you to type in your pin number into the machine rather than signing the receipt.

Debit Cards Pros

  • Ease of use
  • Accepted everywhere
  • Instantaneous transactions.
  • PIN protected for security.
  • You have access to your account online.
  • No fees.

Debit Card Cons

  • Less fraud protection then with e-wallets.
  • Many online casinos are now not able to process certain debit cards.

Debit Cards for online gambling

There are certain debit cards that are most commonly used in online gambling transactions. These are thought to be more gambling friendly and are used more and more by online gamblers now with more and more credit card processors refusing payments for online gambling.

  • Maestro - Maestro is owned by MasterCard who themselves do not accept many online gambling transactions, but the Maestro debit card is very commonly used. Unfortunately Maestro is not available in the U.S
  • Carte Bleue - This one is a popular French debit card often used for online gambling, again not available in the United States.
  • Walmart Money Card - This one is only available in the U.S and can be used for gambling online.
  • Wired Plastic card - Available for residents of the United States and good for both deposits and withdrawals.

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