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Online Blackjack game reviews - Play Blackjack for free or real money!


The famous card game Black Jack, also known as Twenty-One, 17 and 4 or Pontoon, is one of the most popular casino games around the world and greatly surpasses Craps, Roulette und Video Poker.

In order to successfully play Blackjack online, a unique combination of skill, courage and luck is required. It is precisely this combination that has inspired players worldwide to pursue their dreams of wealth at the gaming tables.

Ranging from marginal players in the American West, to gangsters and mafia bosses who have founded the casinos of Las Vegas Strip, Black Jack has been significantly involved in the creation of wealth and buildings. Mathematicians and computer scientists have pondered over the matter of the game in order to teach beginners and to form teams of unstoppable card counters, which have taken million's of dollars.

Black Jack is an incredibly popular card game, derived by the French game "vingt-et-un" (21). Millions of people around the world show their talents and skills and test their luck by playing Blackjack with a dynamic and fast pace online. Through the knowledge of the Blackjack Rules as well as the application of proper Blackjack Strategies, experienced players can significantly increase their chances of winning.

What is the Blackjack game about?

Like the game itself already implies, the goal of Blackjack is to reach exactly 21 points (Black jack) but not over. You can have less than 21 points and still win, but never more than 21, then automatically you lost. Picture cards, such as Jack, Queen and King are worth 10, aces have a value of either 1 or 10 and the remaining cards correspond to the card value of their number. Before the players get their cards on the table, they must make their bets, which can not be changed after beginning the game.

Blackjack online Casinos

Generally there should NOT be a problem to find a good Blackjack Casino, because Black Jack is one of the card games that can be found in almost all online Casinos. However, the problem lies more in deciding in which one you want to play! The range of Blackjack Casinos that offer many different variations of Blackjack games like Standard Blackjack, all sorts of exotic variations of Blackjack as well as plenty of multiplayer Blackjack tournaments are big and can sometimes be very confusing.

Take a look at our list of the best Blackjack online Casinos, read the respective reviews and find out which online casino is perfect for you to play online Blackjack. You think you've already found the right Black Jack Casino? Great, then simply register your self via our website right away and benefit so from additionally exclusive casino bonus offers.

Blackjack Casino Bonus

All online casinos offer almost all casino games including the online card game Blackjack and many fantastic bonuses. Of course the range is enormous and can provide some confusion. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the advantages of these great casino bonus promotions when you play blackjack online, because the promotions from the internet casinos could make the Blackjack game even more enjoyable and profitable for you. Find out which Blackjack Casinos currently offer the best Blackjack bonuses.

Tip: When you play Blackjack with a pending bonus, which you usually should always do with Blackjack online, reduce the house edge. Thus you can extinguish the house edge almost completely.

Well? Have you found a reliable Blackjack online Casino that offers a considerable Black Jack bonus and are you ready to make your first deposit to play with cash? Cool, because to be honest, playing Blackjack online will start to be really interesting when you play with real money. Free Blackjack games are a good learning tool, but to enjoy the game to the fullest, one should play with cash, even if it's just with nickels and dimes.


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